DL Control Measures

Control of DL invasions will be undertaken to minimize economic damage and secure livelihoods of communities in affected areas. The best practices for effective desert locust control will be deployed with guidance from MITT and LCC. Teams involved in the control operations will be trained accordingly. Some of the critical areas where the training will lay emphasis include responsible use of pesticides, appropriate use of personal protection equipment and disposal of associated wastes. Effective communication between the national and county levels of Government and relevant stakeholders will be embraced. In addition, community engagement will be enhanced during the control operations to minimize associated risks. An inventory of pesticides stocks and conditions of equipment will be kept at LCC. DL control operations will be undertaken under the following sub-activities;

  1. Preparations for control operations
  2. Pesticides
  3. Equipment
  4. Personnel
  5. Conduct and coordination of control operations
  6. Evaluating effectiveness of locust control operations
  7. Assessing the effects of control measures on human, livestock and wildlife health
  8. Assessing the effects of control measures on environment