Types of community grants

  • Community Micro – Projects grants through CIGs and VMGs

The project will support micro-projects to strengthen communities and households to respond to effects of DL outbreak, build resilience and reduce vulnerability of the same. Micro-projects grants will be provided for ward specific projects targeting CIGs and VMGs and will be managed by the Community Driven Development Committee (CDDC).

  • County sub projects grants for Rehabilitation of Agricultural and Pastoral livelihood

Community sub-projects/investments to either establish or restore agricultural infrastructure, pasturelands and crop lands affected by desert locust damage. The community sub projects will be ward-specific/span several wards within the county and will be managed through community driven development committees.

  • Producer Organizations (POs) and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) grants

This grant will support POs and PPPs to strengthen and upscale their operations in aggregation, value addition and marketing of livestock and farm produce. The POs will also be supported to undertake bulk input acquisition of crop and livestock packets related to livelihood restoration and rehabilitation in project counties.