Since the swarming adult locusts are gregarious and highly damaging, conventional pesticides will be procured in advance to enable quick control action. The choice of conventional pesticides to be procured will be based on the mode of action. Priority will be given to products with contact mode of action and those which are non-persistent in the environment. The formulation to be adopted will be dependent on the method of application. The Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) and  Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC) formulations will be for DL control. The choice of pesticide product to be used will be based on the approved list by PCPB. Biopesticides will be acquired for the control of the hopper stage of the locust, based on the approved list from PCPB. The best practices when using pesticides for controlling all stages of the locust will be followed as per the IPMP. The necessary pesticides will be procured centrally at PPS Division and strategic stocks distributed to the respective control bases. Procurement of all pesticides will be in accordance with the laid down government procurement guidelines. Restocking of pesticides will be done when necessary. Appropriate stock management will be observed to exercise the principle of First in, First out (FIFO).