Facilitation of animal re-stocking with climate-resilient and stress tolerant breeds

Restocking will be facilitated in areas where livestock keepers have lost stock and their source of livelihood due to pasture and fodder destruction following DL invasion. The following activities will be undertaken to support livestock restocking: –

  • Support for restocking the same species of animals together with the necessary backstopping and feed resources.
  • Enhance restoration of livelihood by introducing alternative/diversified livestock enterprises to spread risk. e.g. poultry so that farmers can eventually graduate to the bigger stock. This process will include capacity building and necessary backstopping at the various stages.
  • Allied services for the improvement of the enterprises shall be included in the restocking processes (animal health, breeding services, feed supply, conservation of feeds amongst others)
  • Enhance waste management by reducing emission of GHG through the introduction of biogas to produce green energy and manuring to improve soil condition and fertility.