Establishment and strengthening of Locust Control Unit (LCU)

A Locust Control Unit (LCU) will be established by allocating office space, equipping it with the necessary equipment and deploying of required personnel. Adequate office space will be established adjacent to the PPSD which is located at KALRO Kabete along Waiyaki way.

The LCU will be equipped with desktop and laptop computers loaded with the necessary software and accessories, LCD, communication gadgets such as smartphones, handheld and vehicle mounted HF radios, internet connectivity, Television, airtime among others, suitable office and field vehicles, lubricants and fuel, field equipment such as GPS, calculators, cameras and measuring gadgets. In addition, the LCU will be supplied with adequate office supplies, furniture, water dispenser and cleaning materials. The office compound will be installed with security surveillance cameras.

A suitable expert will be appointed to head the LCU and will be supported with administrative staff to oversee the day-to-day activities of the office and also casual workers will be hired. The officer in charge of this unit will have expertise in plant protection and trained in desert locust management. In addition, experts in the following field will be brought on board: entomology, GIS, biometrics, climatology, environmental science and information technology.