Community project management structures

The project will use existing groups (farmer groups, women groups, men groups, youth groups, CIGs, VMGs) with mutual interest and willing to participate in value chain interventions in wards affected by DL invasion. VCs targeted by the project will also be identified and groups enlisted and profiled for support as detailed in the PICD manual. Farmers/VMGs who do not belong to any group will enlist into new groups or join existing ones with a common interest. The newly formed groups as well as unregistered existing groups will register with the relevant GOK authorities’ e.g. the Department of Social Services.

CIGs/VMGs will elect the executive committees consisting of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. All the chairpersons of the CIG/VMGs within a ward will come together to establish a Community Driven Development Committee (CDDC) to oversee the operations of the CIGs/VMGs at Ward level. The CDDC will elect a DL Executive Committee of 5 members who will not be officials of any other executive sub committees. In areas covered by NARGP/KSCAP the group leaders will be guided to existing CDDCs and supported through ELRP funding.