Community grants for project interventions

The project will support affected communities through community grants for sub projects, micro projects and producer organizations. The project will also provide direct support to vulnerable and marginalized households who may be need immediate intervention following DL invasion. The community grants will facilitate community groups (CIGs and VMGs) in desert locust affected counties to access project support for restoration of livelihoods and productive assets and rehabilitation agricultural and livestock production. The agricultural and pastoral households will be supported through CIGs, VMGs and producer organizations.

Implementation of the grants will be guided by the ELRP Community Grants Manual.  The Community Grants Manual will provide granting procedures for financial management and accountability; procurement guidelines; eligibility requirements and procedures; monitoring, evaluation and reporting guidelines; to ensure prudent management of resources and achievement of project objectives. The community granting system will be guided by the principles of Accountability and Transparency; Social Inclusion; Equity; Integrity; Democracy and Participation; Community initiative and empowerment; Judiciousness; and Sustainability.

The project will ensure risks associated with community based project implementation through sensitization of county management and stakeholders; community driven prioritization, planning and implementation of project interventions; rigorous and participatory beneficiary identification process; continuous stakeholder engagement; sensitization on environmental and social management; continuous assessment of compliance to environmental and social management and capacity building of beneficiaries and management structures.