Communication and awareness enhancement

Successful management of current and future desert locust outbreak/invasions will be highly dependent on effective communication of the robust information generated from surveillance and early warning activities in the project. This calls for establishment of communication systems linking community/ward, county, national, regional and international levels. The systems will ensure that vital information such as imminent desert locust invasions, outbreaks and appropriate control measures is conveyed appropriately to relevant actors.

Towards this end, communication materials on desert locust preparedness such as brochures, fliers, posters, pocket booklets will be developed by MITT and LCC. These materials will be distributed in hard copies or electronic format. Information on desert locust development will be disseminated through workshops at county, national regional and international levels, while meetings/public gatherings will be used to engage the communities. Other communication channels such as vernacular radio stations, television, newspaper articles, notices, publications, ministry websites and presentations in scientific conferences will be used for mass communication on desert locusts. For effective delivery of desert locust information and community mobilization, communication equipment such Public address system (PAS) will be procured at LCU and county level.